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About Us

Brain & Body Health Front DoorDr. Liz Wells has been in practice since 2018 and is the owner/director of Brain & Body Health in South San Jose. Her chiropractic care center is unique in that it focuses on the many benefits of optimal brain-body connection. The name of her clinic is based on the fact that when the spine is adjusted, it always affects the brain. She wants her patients to appreciate that incredible connection and use it to their advantage.

Our Philosophy

Our mission is to teach people how to take care of their bodies. To be enthusiastic participants in their health and well-being. Dr. Liz believes in an active style of health care. The care that she recommends is always comprehensive. Thorough care means faster healing and less time spent in the office. Adjustments in our clinic always include rehabilitative exercises. These customized exercises occur before and after each adjustment so that the body can naturally remodel itself.

We’re Good at Eliminating Pain

Did you know that periodic chiropractic care plays a big part in overall wellness? Most patients that initially come in to see us are in pain, though—and want to be rid of it.

We specialize in pain relief, particularly for men and women that are beginning to feel some of the effects of aging. Our office mainly caters to white collar and office workers—people who sit in front of a computer all day and are starting to feel physical limitations.

Every Patient Is a Puzzle Waiting to Be Solved

Dr. Liz wants her patients to feel nurtured and cared for. She spends a lot of time listening to the fears and frustrations that people experience when it comes to their health. Your goals are of paramount importance. Once she knows what you’re hoping to achieve, Dr. Liz is going to look at your issue as a puzzle. One to be solved as quickly as possible.

It’s highly rewarding for her to help her patients. Two of Dr. Liz’s patients are a mother and daughter, both of whom dealt with debilitating carpal tunnel syndrome. Dr. Liz was able to help them significantly.

Let’s Get Acquainted

Chiropractic care can vastly improve the connection between your brain and body. That connection gives you an edge in brain-based activities, as well as athletic ability and joint mobility. Our comprehensive care plans are second to none. We feature free consultations, late hours and Saturday appointments. Contact us today for a convenient booking!

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