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Low-Force Chiropractic //

Do you feel like chiropractic care would help you, but the idea of getting adjusted makes your nervous?

Do you have friends and family who swear by chiropractic, but all that twisting and popping just isn't your thing?

Have you had an experience with chiropractic in the past that was too forceful, uncomfortable or even painful?

Low-force care is for you.

Benefits of Low Force Adjusting //

1) Safety. Because it is an extremely gentle technique, low force adjusting poses very few of the risks that may be present with some other forms of chiropractic adjusting. 

2) Adaptability. Low force adjusting can be adapted to any body type, age, size or condition.

Whether you are 6'4 and 250 lbs or 4'8 and 85 lbs, low force adjusting works.

Whether you are 17 years old, 32 years old, or 60 years old, low force adjusting works.

3) Effectiveness. By replacing the force of a traditional adjustment with speed, precision, momentum or your body's natural physiology (depending on the style of low-force adjusting), we don't need strong, forceful adjustments to get the body to move and change how we want.

Low-force provides all the same benefits of traditional chiropractic adjusting, but without the force. 

4) Comfort. When you are nervous about being adjusted, your muscles may be tensed, even subconsciously. This can increase the chance that the adjustment is uncomfortable or painful. With low force, this doesn't happen because the body stays in a neutral, relaxed position throughout the setup and adjustment. 

Low Force Adjusting: The Activator

Low Force Adjusting: Intro to all 3 Types