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Patient Reviews

Dr. Liz is amazing and compassionate to all of her patients. She takes the time to listen to what the patient needs and is very knowledgeable in what she is doing. She knows a lot of different techniques and is specifically very well trained in neurology through chiropractic and how the brain works. She has the patient’s best interest in mind and has really helped me in my wellness care to get to my fullest potential!   

- Annie S

Dr. Liz Wells was my intern for almost a year.  She is an incredibly compassionate person who cares deeply for everyone she helps. I am 68 years old and suffer from many bone/muscle related ailments due to a past broken hip and compression fractures in my spine, and have severe osteoporosis, which prevents me from laying in a prone position on my stomach. Dr. Liz was very thorough and respectful of my ailments and was very gentle when adjusting me.  After my adjustments from Liz, my back aches would subside and a considerable amount of time.

I remember I had to drive down to San Diego one day and back the next day this February, (I live in SF Bay Area), upon my return I noticed my right foot (gas pedal foot), was very sore and hurt to put weight on it. We figured out that it was hurting because of the constant use of it driving 20 hours in 2 days. Liz was very gentle and did some exercise with my foot and it was better within a couple days.

I would highly recommend Elizabeth Wells as your chiropractor.  I expect her to be one of the best.

- Mary Jo H

Dr. Wells worked with me when she was an intern. I've had chronic back and shoulder pain for over 30 years and her adjustments are a godsend. I will miss her internship and welcome her to her new practice. When I first started working with Liz I was seeing her every week and after a short time I extended to every other week. Her adjustments are fantastic. I wish her well in all her endeavors.
- Kurt A
I returned the Health Center for some much-needed relief for my neck and back pain, and was lucky to have been under Dr. Liz's care.  With a positive attitude, she was always pleasant to see.  She was very attentive to my needs, and determined to tackle any challenge.  I've had good results with the plan she had for me.  So if you're looking for someone who genuinely cares for your health and well-being, I recommend Dr. Liz.
- Joni K

So happy for all she has done for my family! I totally recommend. She has been my chiropractor for over a year. She helped me with the pain in my back and my whole family too. Please come and see how she can help you.

-Ivonne M

Dr. Liz is amazing! She’s incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to different techniques, especially functional neurology. She helped me tremendously while I was a student in chiropractic school. She’s helpful, personable, and will go above and beyond to care for you on an individual level.

- Joanne B

Dr. Wells is amazing! She’s helped my health improve in every way possible! From join pain, to muscle strains, headaches, even nutrition. She’s also great with kids. My 3-year-old had a problem walking straight since she learned how, and she’d constantly trip and fall. After just two visits with Dr. Wells she was walking straight and running around without any issues! Dr. Wells has truly been a blessing and I highly recommend her!

- Santos H

Dr. Wells encompasses what it means to be a healer. I came into her office with a variety of issues, the main one being endometriosis (an intense disorder I've been struggling with for the past 6 years). Not only is she thoroughly knowledgeable of her field, she is extremely skilled in chiropractic techniques, and happy to answer any questions with clear explanations. She listens intuitively and free of any judgement. My health and body issues had become a burden I didn't think I could overcome, until I started seeing Dr. Wells. With her support, encouragement, and knowledge I have seen so much improvement in my health and am confident now that I will fully rise above my ailments.

- Moriah O

We love seeing Dr. Wells! My 6-year-old son always looks forward to his wellness visits with her because she’s so attentive and patient with him. My son is such an active boy with lots of energy and I love that Dr. Wells can keep up with him! She provides quality care with attention to detail to make sure he’s always functioning at his best. 
- Yvonne I

Dr. Wells is one of a kind. We've co-managed multiple cases and I will continue to collaborate with her.

Her knowledge and expertise have been exactly what was needed for complex and chronic cases that we managed together.

She is very thorough and her depth of understanding the brain and body allows her to get amazing results when no one else was able to help.

What makes her such a good doctor is her commitment to figuring out the cause in a gentle, compassionate and precise way. If you are looking for a doctor look no further. Dr. Wells will do whatever it takes to get you the results you deserve. I highly recommend her.

-Dr. Noah Volz, DC

Dr. Liz is highly recommended. She is a compassionate person who will take the time to help answer your questions. Her specific skill set combined with her understanding of brain-body communications have helped me achieve greater results in all areas of my life. Thank you dr. Liz!

- Adrian J

For the last decade I have been getting carsick from the simplest trips. Anytime I am not the one driving I get sick, I had to use the patches and pills just to get around. After a couple months of therapy, I was able to ride roller coasters, be a passenger, and ride metro lines without any issue. The quality of my life has increased and it is all thanks to the work done here. 

- Thomas M

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