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Who We Help //

Brain-Based Chiropractic

We are here to provide the community of south San Jose with high-quality, brain-based chiropractic care. 

While it's hard to think of anyone who couldn't benefit from a better brain-body connection, there are specific groups of people types of conditions that will do best under our care.

There are 6 main types of people we help. Below you will find a brief description of why brain-based care will benefit each group.


For more detailed explanations, click the title to go to the blog post for each one.

Increased Risk of Muscloskeletal Deconditioning

Musculoskeletal deconditioning is when your muscles and ligaments become weak due to lack of use, like sitting at a desk all day. This weakness increases the chance of future injuries

Increased Risk of Musculoskeletal Injury

Jobs that involve a lot of physical activity like lifting, bending, or twisting can increase the risk for musculoskeletal injury without a good brain-body connection.

Increased Risk of Falling

As we age, a common concern is an increase risk for falling. Many factors can contribute to this, and a poor brain-body connection is one of them.

Recurring Injuries

Whether it's something you keep hurting or just won't heal, we help restrengthen the area of injury and improve your brain-body connection to minimize your chances of  injuring it again.

Chronic Pain

People with chronic pain a lot of times are told the pain is "in their heads." And this can be true! So we figure out why your brain is telling you that you have pain and we fix it.

Accident Prone Kids

Watch your kid play with other kids his or her age. If your child seems to be struggling with coordination and balance, or if they seem to always being bumping into things or falling, you may want to have their brain-body connection checked out.

Common Conditions We Treat

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Sciatica & piriformis syndrome

Pinched nerves




Upper, Middle or Low Back Pain

Neck Pain & Stiffness

Shoulder Pain

Frozen shoulder/ Adhesive capsulitis

Numbness or tingling in arms or hands

Tingling or Numbness in thigh, legs or feet

Disc problems

TMJ or Temporomandibular joint of jaw

Extremity Pain (Arm or Leg)

Hip or pelvic Sacroiliac pain

Arthritis or degenerative joints in spine

Aberrant posture syndrome

Plantar fasciitis

Achilles Tendinopathy

Tennis Elbow / Golfer's Elbow


Pronator teres syndrome

Overuse / Repetitive Motion Injuries


Tight muscles / Decreased joint motion

Joint instability

And More

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